Clean Up Crew!

Posted: February 25, 2013 in 90 Gallon Reef
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After a major Diatom outbreak (that seems to get better, then suddenly get much worse) it’s officially time to order my cleanup crew! is the only place I’d ever buy my crew from. They have amazing customer support (I’ve literally had John, the owner, email me confirmation within minutes of ordering before).

Unfortunately, do to the wintery temperatures, I will need to have the CuC delivered to work. I don’t think the receptionist will be thrilled if she knew what was in the box she’s getting (snails tend to do that to some people lol!).

I am going with the quick crew, then adding a few items of my own.

Here’s my planned stocking:

85 Dwarf Ceriths
29 Nassarius
27 Florida Ceriths
32 Nerites
3 Fuzzy Chitons
4 Limpets
2 Porcelain Crabs

Hoping to order within a day or two to get the tank cleaaaaaaan!


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