WiFi Issues

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Reef Angel

I have had issues with my Reef Angel WiFi since I purchased it. In the past (when it was on my 28 gallon), I initially had problems getting it setup correctly.  After some initial struggles, I got the WiFi to work, and it worked well for a good six months.

Then, I had an incident with the head unit needing to be replaced (my fault, ended up getting it wet). Since then, I haven’t had this thing working.  On the 28 gallon, it would randomly lose connection and wouldn’t stay connected for more than a day.  After reading the forums, I believe this had to do with me installing a windows gadget for the reef angel that was found to cause issues.

Finally, I upgraded to the 90.  And things have gotten worse. The WiFi now generally only stays connected for a matter of hours (I’ve had it range from 1 hour to 6). I thought I had it fixed when I had 2 straight days of connection. I had upgraded the firmware, upgraded the client suite, and removed the windows gadget.  However, it started crashing again. I noticed that this time, it didn’t just lose connection… but instead appears that the entire unit has shut off. There are no status lights, and it sits lifeless.

I reached out on the Reef Angel boards, and it appears that my WiFi unit is faulty, and they are going to replace it for me (for the cost of shipping). Hopefully I will have it ready to be shipped sometime in the next few days.  Let’s hope it works well when I get it back!  Also, this means that my reef stats (which haven’t been updated as regularly as they should since it keeps going on and offline) will be down for a few days.

Once again, awesome support from the Reef Angel crew!!


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