Java Update

Posted: March 3, 2013 in The Dogs

After Java’s scare we gave us, we were waiting for some good news. The Vet got a hold of us yesterday, and said her blood work came back clean. This means that it either was a fluke thing, or likely epilepsy. Going forward, he’s asked us to call him if she has any seizures again, and rush her into pet emergency. The seizures themselves shouldn’t be bad; however the length of the first one was troubling. If she stops seizuring on our way to the vet in the future, he said to just turn around and go home, then call and let him know it happened.

Java will need to go on anti-seizure medication if she has more than 2 seizures in a month. Potential side effects outweigh the benefits if she’s having less than that. So far we haven’t seen any more, and she’s been acting completely normal.

Here’s to it being a random occurrence!


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