Tank and Coral Update

Posted: March 3, 2013 in 90 Gallon Reef
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Update Time!


So, Cleanup Crew is all in, and going good. Much needed as my rocks and sand are covered in algae (guessing diatoms).  Additionally, I noticed my wetside on the vortech was slowly rotating through out the day, so I set it to be tighter. The snails in the sand, mixed with the better flow from a properly setup vortech have unleashed a TON of fine particles in my water. I think the mostly look like sand. So I am running a filter sock for a few days to see if it helps any.

So far, my corals are only doing so so. I have one Pink Zoa that is opened up nice and has already started to multiply. However, the original colony of pink zoa that I originally cut that from (and is sitting right next to it) wasn’t opened in a while, nor has an orange one.


Sad Hammer

I got a hammer, and it still doesn’t look too happy either. However, my palys and montipora all look great with polyp extension. I honestly can’t tell if my acro is happy or not, though it hasn’t had any RTN, so that’s a plus.

Montipora Spongode

Additionally, I had an emergency vet bill this week… so it looks like it’ll be another month before I can buy my skimmer


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