Posted: March 14, 2013 in 90 Gallon Reef, Reef Angel, Refugium

Well… I have had several issues with my refugium. The first being a slow leak from the bulkhead, and the another being that I didn’t allow my plumbing to be easily removed. The final issue, which was major, was a clog (snail maybe?) resulted in an overflowing Refugium. I only lost a few gallons since I caught it early (thank god for reef angel emailing warning my ATO reservoir was low… I knew something was up since I had only filled it 2 days prior) but this would be an easy way to destroy my salinity, flood my basement, and burn out my return pump.


So, my plumbing needed to be worked. No easy task.  My plan was to drill a second overflow. This would be above my overflow box as an emergency overflow. Next I wanted to fix my pre-existing plumbing by sawing enough off to insert a union right after my overflow.  I originally didn’t use a union because I didn’t want the extra space between the wall and the tank. Plus my plumbing budget was shot, and unions are like 10x the price of all the other fittings (a very short sighted decision).


However, nothing comes as easily as planned. I didn’t have enough pvc between fittings to easily insert a union. Therefore, I had to saw through a fitting to even get the tank moved away from the wall. This means that 3/4 of the plumbing I have from my fuge needs to be thrown away.

Not as much done as I’d hoped… but still a success

Luckily, I did have some success. After a hard battle, I was able to remove the silicone around my bulkhead that had been my last attempt at fixing the leak prior to redoing it all.  Additionally, I got the worst part done: drilling another hole in the glass.  Since I wasn’t anticipating need double the plumbing parts, I need another stop at the hardware store today. Hopefully I will have it all replumbed by tonight!

Pray for no leaks!


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