Early Spring Update

Posted: April 3, 2013 in 90 Gallon Reef

With the weather getting nicer, and more time being devoted to outside and wedding planning, I haven’t been around enough to properly do an update.

I’ll start with the bad:

First of all, my montipora spongodes has completely died. It had tissue Tissue Necrosis that I was unable to stop. Looked great one day, gone the next.

Second, my new coralprops Acro had the same thing happen. However, at least with this one, I can trace the cause. My new plumbing (UGGGGGGG!) for my refugium return was situated too close to my float valve for my ATO. It got stuck up, so my Salinity shot way up. By the time I noticed, it was too late. I have now fixed this issue.

Last bit, the spray painted overflows. I was told up and down that krylon fussion would hold up to being on glass and underwater. unfortunately, this is not the case. Slowly by surely the spray paint in my overflows is slipping off. The plumbing annoys me, but I think it would look better than having holes in the paint to where some of it is visible and some isn’t!

Now to the good: My rock work is definitely getting coralline. It’s still just small dots, but I’m happy to report that these tend to be all over in purples, greens and even a few pinks! I’m excited for it to spread and color up the tank.  Additionally, my temperamental duncans show signs of opening again. I caught a few polyps nice and open yesterday. Hopefully the trend continues. All my other coral seems happy, and I am seeing some growth on one of the acro frags. Additionally, my birdsnest appears to be slowly encrusting it’s frag plug.  Also, more of my zoas are open! Fish also all are doing great.

Everything appears to be settling in.


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