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Prior to heading to the lake last weekend, I filled my ATO reservoir SUPER full, since I was going to be gone for 3 days. This was all just after adding a valve to my return piping so I could dial it back (which stopped a microbubble issue I was having!)

At the lake, I had my phone off until Saturday evening. Turning it on, I realized I had 30+ missed emails from my reef angel. The last time something like that had happened, it was my refugium overflowing, resulting in a quick emptying of the ATO. 2 days at the lake, with my imagination running wild, I was sure something disastrous had happened (ranging from: Fuge overflow, return pipe that I had just done breaking, glass breaking, ect).

I got home to a dead snail in my sump pinning down my float valve. My ATO had emptied entirely, but my sump hadn’t even overflowed. Only issue was low salinity, but nothing else.

I have been topping off with saltwater for the previous week, and have finally reached my prior salinity, and have now re-turned on the ATO.


In other news: I have finally purchased and installed my a Skimmer.  I went with a Skimz brand skimmer. After a lot of research, and reading a ton of reviews, I realized it was the best fit.

Ultimately, it was the perfect size (an inch bigger in any direction and it wouldn’t fit!), it’s quiet and the output design is perfect for reducing microbubbles (a must in my setup).

While it breaks in, I am leaving my other small skimmer running. So far, I’m really impressed!