The Work Continues

Posted: August 26, 2013 in 90 Gallon Reef

Not surprisingly, after a week and a half vacation, all progress on getting the tank cleared up has been lost.  Think my problem has to do with skimmer filling up so that mode of filtration was gone. It was waterier than I’d like, but I’m at least close to being dialed in. I think a couple coral aren’t going to make it due to Algae growing over them, but a few other SPS actually seemed to be thriving (great polyp extension and color getting better than when I put them in the tank).

I’m going to bump up water change schedule to twice a week or more (more once Labor Day weekend is over). Luckily I’ve gotten it down to basic water changes taking around 5 minutes to complete (once water is at correct salinity).

I should be getting my new powerhead this week (finally. Shipping SUCKS).  Additionally, I am going to be restocking my cleanup crew after the long weekend.   Still not getting growth in fuge. I upped the flow through my fuge (it was barely moving before) in hopes that I just wasn’t getting enough turnover. Hopefully that’ll help.

Last I am thinking of picking up a TDS Meter to add to my RODI unit to be sure that water I’m adding is actually pure.

I will get my tank over this hump!


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