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Labor Day Updates

Posted: September 3, 2013 in 90 Gallon Reef, Refugium

Things slowly are looking a little better in the tank after the weekend. Added a couple Emerald Crabs to go after the algae (at the suggestion from John from Reef Cleaners), and my WP25 showed up. So far, I am really impressed by this little pump. Really pushes some water. There are a couple negatives (little worried about the bracket that attaches it to the aquarium as it seems kinda weak and I HATE the plug on it since it takes up so much room… ), but well worth the price.  Definitely doesn’t create the same undertow that the Vortech’s do, so I have no plans of removing the vortech that I have on there now.

I still need to tweak the direction the powerhead is placed to get the flow I want. I may actually even add another down the road. Right now I have it pointed down the back of the rock work from the middle left side, which I know needs flow. But I still feel like the front end directly opposite the vortech still doesn’t have the desired flow.

I couldn’t believe the amount of gunk that the powerhead got off the rocks. Does everyone normally clean their rock work?  I think this may end up being something I need to incorporate into my water change routine, but not really sure of an efficient way to do it.

Additionally, my fuge is starting to look a little more fuge like. The water definitely has a film starting to go. I accidently left the light in the room on while I was away, so that might be part of it. Going to increase flow a tad more, and also add to my light cycle. Right now I have a regular bulb in there. Debating between swapping the bulb to one of those long lasting/energy efficient bulbs since everything else in my house is on one… and that’s what was on from the room light.

I also put in a restocking order on my cleanup crew, which definitely has dwindled a bit in recent months.