Mandarin Prep

Posted: November 3, 2013 in 90 Gallon Reef


The Mandarin has been one of the fish I was most interested to keep.

My refugium has become LOADED with pods over the last few weeks. Additionally, I have started to see really small ones appear within the display tank. I believe I am now pretty close to being able to support a Mandarin.  My biggest obstacle is my 6-line wrasse.  The 6-line will compete for pods and could potentially be aggressive. I have had 0 aggression out of this particular fish, so I think that shouldn’t be a big issue.

The fact that I have pods in the display is encouraging. I am going to start pursing options of increasing the population in my display.

First, I have started to dose phyto. Increase in food should increase pod reproduction. Next, I am going to use the plastic Gutter Guard to create  “pod condos”. The basic idea is that it’s a plastic sleeve that you fill with live rock rubble. These (I plan on making 5 or 6) will be placed in the refugium. The will act as a breading ground for the pods, which then can be quickly moved into the display, bringing a pod payload with it.  This should help move my massive pod population from the fuge into the display.

I am hoping to order the Mandarin around Thanksgiving (when I have plenty of time off to receive the shipment). This should give me some time to get the display tank where it needs to be.



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